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identify British & World English

Establish or indicate who or what (someone or something) is

identify with in identify British & World English

Regard oneself as sharing the same characteristics or thinking as someone else

identify someone/thing with in identify British & World English

Associate someone or something closely with; regard as having strong links with

identify English Thesaurus

she identified her attacker in a police line-up

identify English-Spanish


they failed to identify the problem in identify English-Spanish

no lograron identificar el problema

I was able to identify the car from his description in description English-Spanish

pude identificar el coche gracias a su descripción

the heroine must be someone our readers can identify with in identify English-Spanish

la heroína debe ser una persona con la que nuestras lectoras se puedan identificar

it is one thing to identify the problem, quite another to solve it in thing English-Spanish

una cosa es identificar el problema y otra muy distinta resolverlo

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