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immediate British & World English

Occurring or done at once; instant

immediate constituent British & World English

Each of the constituents of a syntactic unit at the next level down in the hierarchy

immediate English Thesaurus

the UN resolution called for immediate action

immediate English-Spanish


my immediate family in immediate English-Spanish

mis familiares más cercanos

in the immediate vicinity in immediate English-Spanish

en las inmediaciones, en los alrededores

immediate surgery is indicated in indicate English-Spanish

lo indicado es operar de inmediato

these tablets afford immediate relief in immediate English-Spanish

estas tabletas proporcionan un alivio instantáneo

the law will take immediate effect in immediate English-Spanish

la ley entrará en vigor inmediatamente

she's safe from any immediate danger in safe English-Spanish

está fuera de peligro inmediato

try to think beyond the immediate future in beyond English-Spanish

trata de pensar más allá del futuro inmediato

this document demands your immediate attention in demand English-Spanish

este documento requiere su atención inmediata

she took an immediate shine to the dress in shine English-Spanish

enseguida le echó el ojo al vestido

the houses in the immediate area of the factory in area English-Spanish

las casas situadas en las inmediaciones

please send immediate notification of your decision in notification English-Spanish

por favor notifíquenos inmediatamente su decisión

they urged the government to take immediate action in urge English-Spanish

instaron al gobierno a que tomara medidas inmediatas

I wish to cancel my subscription with immediate effect in effect English-Spanish

quiero cancelar mi suscripción con efecto inmediato

her wealth gives her (an) immediate entrée into their world in entrée English-Spanish

su fortuna automáticamente le da acceso a su mundo

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