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impact British & World English

The action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another

high-impact British & World English

(Of plastic or a similar substance) able to withstand great impact without breaking

low-impact British & World English

(Of exercises, typically aerobics) designed to put little harmful stress on the body

impact crater British & World English

A crater on a planet or satellite caused by the impact of a meteorite or other object

impact on in impact British & World English

Have a strong effect on someone or something

impact English Thesaurus

car parts were spread by the impact over a wide region

impact English-Spanish

impacto masculine

low-impact English-Spanish

de bajo impacto

to impact on sth English-Spanish

tener* un impacto

it exploded on impact in impact English-Spanish

estalló al hacer impacto

the impact jerked him forward in jerk English-Spanish

el impacto lo propulsó hacia adelante

it took the full force of the impact in full English-Spanish

recibió toda la fuerza del impacto

what will the environmental impact of these measures be? in impact English-Spanish

¿qué impacto tendrán estas medidas sobre el medio ambiente?

this will have little impact on the budget deficit in impact English-Spanish

esto hará muy poca mella en el déficit presupuestario

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