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importance British & World English

The state or fact of being of great significance or value

self-importance British & World English

An exaggerated sense of one’s own value or importance

full of one's own importance British & World English

Having a very high opinion of oneself; self-important

full of one's own importance in importance British & World English

Having a very high opinion of oneself; self-important

importance English Thesaurus

the signing of the treaty was an event of immense importance

importance English-Spanish

importancia feminine

self-importance English-Spanish

(auto)suficiencia feminine, engreimiento masculine, presunción feminine

of less importance in less English-Spanish

de menor importancia

of premier importance in premier English-Spanish

de primordial importancia

it's of no importance in importance English-Spanish

no tiene (ninguna) importancia, carece de importancia

of the utmost importance in utmost English-Spanish

de suma importancia, sumamente importante, importantísimo

that's of secondary importance in secondary English-Spanish

eso es de importancia secundaria

a matter of extreme importance in extreme English-Spanish

un asunto de suma importancia

growth in popularity/importance/status in growth English-Spanish

aumento de popularidad/importancia/prestigio

to increase in number/popularity/importance in increase English-Spanish

crecer* en número/popularidad/importancia

he overrates his own importance in overrate English-Spanish

se cree más importante de lo que es

a matter of vital importance in vital English-Spanish

un asunto de vital importancia

I'm fully conscious of its importance in conscious English-Spanish

soy, tengo plena conciencia de su importancia

to overplay the importance of sth in overplay English-Spanish

darle* demasiada importancia a algo

she's so full of her own importance in importance English-Spanish

se da una importancia, tiene unas ínfulas …

to be full of oneself o of one's own importance in full English-Spanish

ser* muy engreído, tenérselo muy creído

heavy emphasis is placed on the importance of training in heavy English-Spanish

se hace gran hincapié en la importancia de la capacitación

I've become increasingly aware of the importance of … in increasingly English-Spanish

he adquirido una conciencia cada vez mayor de la importancia de …

my father impressed upon me the importance of work in impress English-Spanish

mi padre me inculcó la importancia del trabajo

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