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indirect British & World English

Not directly caused by or resulting from something

indirect rule British & World English

A system of government of one nation by another in which the governed people retain certain administrative, legal, and other powers

indirect tax British & World English

A tax levied on goods and services rather than on income or profits

indirect object British & World English

A noun phrase referring to someone or something that is affected by the action of a transitive verb (typically as a recipient), but is not the primary object (e.g. him in give him the book)

indirect speech British & World English

Another term for reported speech.

indirect question British & World English

A question in reported speech (e.g. they asked who I was)

indirect English Thesaurus

motherhood has an indirect effect on pay

indirect English-Spanish


direct/indirect object in object English-Spanish

complemento (de objeto) directo/indirecto

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