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infinitive British & World English

The basic form of a verb, without an inflection binding it to a particular subject or tense (e.g. see in we came to see, let him see)

split infinitive British & World English

A construction consisting of an infinitive with an adverb or other word inserted between to and the verb, e.g. she seems to really like it

infinitive New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

basic uninflected form of a verb

infinitive English-Spanish

infinitivo masculine

split infinitive New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

construction with an adverb between the to of an infinitive and the verb

split infinitive English-Spanish

infinitivo con un complemento adverbial intercalado entre la partícula 'to' y el verbo

+ infinitivo/infinitive Spanish-English

he'll do anything to get attention

to bid to + infinitive/infinitivo English-Spanish

tratar por todos los medios, pugnar

to aim to + infinitive/infinitivo English-Spanish

querer* +, proponerse* +

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