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information British & World English

Facts provided or learned about something or someone

information English Thesaurus

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black information British & World English

Information held by banks, credit agencies, or other financial institutions about people who are considered bad credit risks

information scent British & World English

Visual or textual cues provided on a website to suggest what information it or its links may contain

information theory British & World English

The mathematical study of the coding of information in the form of sequences of symbols, impulses, etc. and of how rapidly such information can be transmitted, for example through computer circuits or telecommunications channels

inside information British & World English

Information available only to those within an organization

white information British & World English

Positive information about a person’s creditworthiness held by a bank or similar institution

formation British & World English

A group of people or things in a particular arrangement or pattern

genetic information British & World English

The genetic potential of an organism carried in the base sequence of its DNA (or, in some viruses, RNA) according to the genetic code

information overload British & World English

Exposure to or provision of too much information or data

information retrieval British & World English

The tracing and recovery of specific information from stored data

information revolution British & World English

The proliferation of the availability of information and the accompanying changes in its storage and dissemination owing to the use of computers

information science British & World English

The study of processes for storing and retrieving information

information technology British & World English

The study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending information

management information system British & World English

A computerized information-processing system designed to support the activities of company or organizational management

personal information manager British & World English

A computer program functioning as an address book, organizer, diary, etc.

geoinformation British & World English

Computerized geographical information

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