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injured British & World English

Harmed, damaged, or impaired

injure British & World English

Do physical harm or damage to (someone)

injured English Thesaurus

an injured player

injured English-Spanish

the injured

severely injured in severely English-Spanish

herido de gravedad, gravemente herido

he was badly injured in badly English-Spanish

resultó gravemente herido, resultó herido de gravedad

she injured her knee in injure English-Spanish

se lesionó la rodilla

I am the injured party in injure English-Spanish

soy yo quien sufrió el agravio

three people were injured in people English-Spanish

tres personas resultaron heridas

she gave me an injured look in injure English-Spanish

me miró con expresión ofendida

one of their players got injured in get English-Spanish

uno de sus jugadores se lesionó

with an air of injured innocence in injure English-Spanish

con un aire de inocencia herida

he retired with an injured ankle in retire English-Spanish

abandonó el campo de juego con un tobillo lesionado

three people were injured in the crush in crush English-Spanish

tres personas resultaron heridas en el tumulto

the injured were shuttled to the hospital in shuttle English-Spanish

los heridos fueron trasladados al hospital

searchers are looking for the injured climber in searcher English-Spanish

una partida de rescate busca al montañista accidentado

he was slightly/seriously injured in the accident in injure English-Spanish

resultó levemente/gravemente herido en el accidente

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