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inner British & World English

Situated inside or further in; internal

inner bar British & World English

(In the UK) all Queen’s or King’s Counsel collectively

inner ear British & World English

The semicircular canals and cochlea, which form the organs of balance and hearing and are embedded in the temporal bone

inner man British & World English

A man’s soul or mind

inner child British & World English

A person’s supposed original or true self, especially when regarded as concealed in adulthood

inner city British & World English

The area near the centre of a city, especially when associated with social and economic problems

Inner House British & World English

(In Scotland) either of two law courts that correspond to the Court of Appeal in England and Wales, each presided over by three judges

inner light British & World English

Personal spiritual revelation; a source of enlightenment within oneself

inner space British & World English

The region between the earth and outer space, or below the surface of the sea

inner tube British & World English

A separate inflatable tube inside a pneumatic tyre

inner woman British & World English

A woman’s soul or mind

inner circle British & World English

An exclusive group close to the centre of power of an organization or movement, regarded as elitist and secretive

inner planet British & World English

A planet whose orbit lies within the asteroid belt, i.e. Mercury, Venus, Earth, or Mars

inner product British & World English

A scalar function of two vectors, equal to the product of their magnitudes and the cosine of the angle between them

inner sanctum British & World English

The most sacred place in a temple or church

inner speech British & World English

The silent expression of conscious thought to oneself in a coherent linguistic form

Inner Temple British & World English

One of the two Inns of Court on the site of the Temple in London

inner-directed British & World English

(Of a person or their behavior) governed by standards formed in childhood

Inner Mongolia British & World English

An autonomous region of northern China, on the border with Mongolia; capital, Hohhot

innerspring British & World English

North American term for interior-sprung.

Hebrides British & World English

A group of about 500 islands off the NW coast of Scotland

Inner Hebrides in Hebrides British & World English

A group of about 500 islands off the NW coast of Scotland

inner English Thesaurus

she lives in inner London

inner English-Spanish


inner-city English-Spanish

de las zonas urbanas deprimidas

inner sole English-Spanish

→ insole

inner tube English-Spanish

cámara f

inner Cabinet in inner English-Spanish

gabinetemiembros del gabinete ministerial que toman las decisiones

the inner city in inner English-Spanish

la zona del centro urbano habitada por familias de escasos ingresos, caracterizada por problemas sociales etc

the inner/middle/outer ear in ear English-Spanish

el oído interno/medio/externo

plans to revive decaying inner cities in revive English-Spanish

planes para reactivar las zonas urbanas deprimidas

the inner circle that advises the President in inner English-Spanish

el círculo de asesores más allegados al presidente

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