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instant British & World English

Happening or coming immediately

instant camera British & World English

A camera of a type with internal processing which produces a finished print rapidly after each exposure

instant message British & World English

A message sent via the Internet that appears on the recipient’s screen as soon as it is transmitted

instant replay British & World English

An immediate playback of part of a television broadcast, typically one in slow motion showing an incident in a sporting event

on the instant British & World English

Instantly; immediately

instant runoff voting British & World English

another term for alternative vote.

instant English Thesaurus

instant access to your money

instant English-Spanish

instantáneo, inmediato

instant replay English-Spanish

repetición f (de la jugada)

an instant reply in instant English-Spanish

una respuesta inmediata

come here this instant! in instant English-Spanish

¡ven aquí en este mismo instante

is it real coffee or instant? in real English-Spanish

¿es café café o café instantáneo?

it was an instant sell-out in sell-out English-Spanish

enseguida se agotaron las localidades

I took an instant dislike to her in dislike English-Spanish

me cayó mal inmediatamente, le tomé antipatía inmediatamente

she took an instant dislike to him in instant English-Spanish

le cayó mal desde el primer momento

in your letter of the 5th instant in instant English-Spanish

en su carta del 5 del corriente, en su carta del 5 presente

she took an instant dislike to him in take English-Spanish

le tomó antipatía inmediatamente

for an instant I thought it was him in instant English-Spanish

por un instante pensé que era él

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