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insured British & World English

Covered by insurance

insure British & World English

Arrange for compensation in the event of damage to or loss of (property), or injury to or the death of (someone), in exchange for regular payments to a company or to the state

reinsure British & World English

(Of an insurer) transfer (all or part of a risk) to another insurer to provide protection against the risk of the first insurance

overinsured British & World English

Having excessive insurance cover

underinsured British & World English

(Of a person) having inadequate insurance cover

insure someone against in insure British & World English

Secure or protect someone against (a possible contingency)

insured English-Spanish

the insured

the sum insured in insure English-Spanish

la cantidad asegurada

it's insured against theft in against English-Spanish

está asegurado contra robo

I'm insured to drive any car in insure English-Spanish

con mi seguro puedo manejar

we're insured against all risks in insure English-Spanish

estamos asegurados contra todo riesgo

he insured his life for $500,000 in insure English-Spanish

se hizo un seguro de vida de 500.000 dólares

insured against loss to a value of $10,000 in value English-Spanish

asegurado contra pérdidas de hasta 10.000 dólares