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internal British & World English

Of or situated on the inside

internal clock British & World English

A person’s innate sense of time

internal energy British & World English

The energy in a system arising from the relative positions and interactions of its parts

internal exile British & World English

Penal banishment from a part of one’s own country

internal market British & World English

another term for single market.

internal rhyme British & World English

A rhyme involving a word in the middle of a line and another at the end of the line or in the middle of the next

internal evidence British & World English

Evidence derived from the contents of the thing discussed

internal-combustion engine British & World English

An engine which generates motive power by the burning of petrol, oil, or other fuel with air inside the engine, the hot gases produced being used to drive a piston or do other work as they expand

total internal reflection British & World English

The complete reflection of a light ray reaching an interface with a less dense medium when the angle of incidence exceeds the critical angle

internal English Thesaurus

the offices faced each other across a large internal courtyard

internal English-Spanish


internal market English-Spanish

→ single market

Internal Revenue Service English-Spanish

the Internal Revenue Service

internal combustion engine English-Spanish

motor masculine de combustión interna

internal audit in internal English-Spanish

auditoría feminine interna

internal examiner in internal English-Spanish

examinador interno, examinadora interna

internal/head injuries in injury English-Spanish

heridas internas/en la cabeza

home/internal affairs in affair English-Spanish

asuntos interiores/internos

the Internal Revenue Service in Internal Revenue Service English-Spanish

Hacienda, la Dirección General Impositiva, en RPl, Impuestos Internosen Chi

she examined him for internal injuries in for English-Spanish

lo reconoció para ver si tenía heridas internas

the war was a distraction from the country's internal problems in distraction English-Spanish

la guerra distrajo la atención de los problemas internos del país

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