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ion British & World English

An atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons

-ion British & World English

Forming nouns denoting the action of a verb or an instance of this

ion gun British & World English

A device in which ions are produced (typically by the ionization of a gas) and emitted in a beam.

ion beam British & World English

A current of ions moving in a fixed direction.

ion burn British & World English

The damaging of the phosphor of a cathode ray tube by negatively ionized gas molecules produced by the electron beam and focused on to the screen; an ion spot so produced.

ion gauge British & World English

= ionization gauge.

ion pair British & World English

Such a pair held together in a solution by electrostatic attraction.

ion pump British & World English

A device for removing gas molecules from a space by ionizing them and applying a potential difference.

ion spot British & World English

A small area struck by a beam of ions.

ion tail British & World English

A cometary tail composed of ionized gases, typically forming a straight bluish tail pointing directly away from the sun; (more generally) a narrow stream of ions following the orbital trajectory of a planet or other body.

ion trap British & World English

A device designed to catch or trap ions; specifically one in a cathode ray tube or television camera tube that prevents ionized molecules from reaching the screen or the target and causing an ion spot.

ion-bombard British & World English

To bombard with ions; to direct an ion beam at; usually in pass.

ion chamber British & World English

= ionization chamber.

ion channel British & World English

A specialized pore in a cell membrane or other biological membrane which controls the passage of a specific inorganic ion (as calcium or potassium).

ion engine British & World English

A rocket engine that employs ion propulsion.

ion etching British & World English

The controlled removal of extremely thin layers of material from the surface of an object by the use of an ion beam.

ion source British & World English

A source of ions; especially a device for producing ions, such as an ion gun.

radical ion British & World English

A free radical species that carries a charge.

ion-bombarded British & World English

Subjected to ion bombardment.

ion-exchanged British & World English

Subjected to or altered by ion exchange.

ion-selective British & World English

Designating a system or apparatus which interacts with a specific ion or type of ion according to its particular physical properties, specifically designating an electrode which generates an electric potential by such interaction (as used in measuring ionic concentrations).

ion transport British & World English

The movement or transfer of ions; specifically the active or passive exchange of inorganic ions across a cell membrane or other biological membrane.

carbonium ion British & World English

An organic cation in which the positive charge is located on a carbon atom

hydronium ion British & World English

Another term for hydroxonium ion.

ion exchange British & World English

The exchange of ions of the same charge between an insoluble solid and a solution in contact with it, used in water-softening and other purification and separation processes

ion exchanger British & World English

A solid used in ion exchange, typically a special cross-linked synthetic resin or a zeolite

ion accelerator British & World English

A machine or apparatus for accelerating ions; specifically a particle accelerator that does this.

ion bombardment British & World English

The fact of being struck by a beam of ions; specifically the process of bombarding a surface with ions (usually ions of an inert gas) as a means of removing impurities.

ion-exchanging British & World English

That brings about ion exchange; capable of ion exchange.

ion propulsion British & World English

The process of propelling or accelerating ions; specifically a mode of rocket propulsion in which thrust is generated by the ejection of ions produced inside the engine and accelerated by an electric field.

hydroxonium ion British & World English

The ion H3O+, consisting of a protonated water molecule and present in all aqueous acids

ion chromatography British & World English

= ion-exchange chromatography.

ion implantation British & World English

The implantation of ions in a crystalline material, as in the doping of a semiconductor.

ion-exchange resin British & World English

A synthetic polymer suitable for use in ion exchange.

field ion microscope British & World English

An electron microscope that works on the same principle as the field emission microscope but using ions produced at the surface of the emitter or in a surrounding gas, rather than electrons.

ion-exchange chromatography British & World English

A technique for separating and analysing ions or polar molecules in a solution by passing it through a column whose contents have charged surfaces which attract, and so slow, the ions to an extent which varies with their size and charge.