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ionic British & World English

Relating to or using ions

Ionic British & World English

Relating to or denoting a classical order of architecture characterized by a column with scroll shapes (volutes) on either side of the capital

Ionic metre British & World English

A metre consisting of Ionic feet.

Ionic sect British & World English

(With the) = Ionic school.

Ionic dialect British & World English

The ancient Greek dialect of the Ionians, from which Attic developed; = sense B. 2.

ionic radius British & World English

The radius of an ion of a particular element, especially as representing the characteristic size of ions in a crystal lattice.

Ionic school British & World English

(With the) the school of philosophy founded by Thales of Miletus (624–545_b.c.).

magneto-ionic British & World English

Of or relating to the combined effect of a magnetic field and ionized gas (e.g. in the ionosphere) on the propagation of radio waves.

ionic strength British & World English

A quantity representing the strength of the electric field in a solution, equal to the sum of the molalities of each type of ion present multiplied by the square of their charges