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japonica British & World English

An Asian shrub of the rose family, with bright red flowers followed by round white, green, or yellow edible fruits

japonica in Japanese anemone British & World English

An autumn-flowering anemone with large pink or white flowers. It is native to China and naturalized in Japan, and several cultivars have been developed

A. japonica in aucuba British & World English

A hardy East Asian evergreen shrub of the dogwood family, resembling a laurel

C. japonica in camellia British & World English

An evergreen East Asian shrub related to the tea plant, grown for its showy flowers and shiny leaves

Z. japonica in zoysia British & World English

A low-growing grass of the genus Zoysia, native to tropical Asia and New Zealand and widely used for lawns

Kerria japonica in kerria British & World English

An East Asian shrub of the rose family, which is cultivated for its yellow flowers, especially as the double-flowered variety

Sophora japonica in pagoda tree British & World English

A SE Asian tree of the pea family, which has hanging clusters of cream flowers and is cultivated as an ornamental

Styrax japonica in snowbell British & World English

An Asian tree related to the storax, bearing clusters of fragrant white hanging flowers at midsummer

Popillia japonica in Japanese beetle British & World English

A metallic green and copper chafer that is a pest of fruit and foliage as an adult and of grass roots as a larva. It is native to Japan but has spread elsewhere

Cryptomeria japonica in cryptomeria British & World English

A tall conical coniferous tree with long, curved, spirally arranged leaves and short cones. Native to China and Japan, it is grown for timber in Japan

Reynoutria japonica in Japanese knotweed British & World English

A tall fast-growing Japanese plant of the dock family, with bamboo-like stems and small white flowers. It has been grown as an ornamental but tends to become an aggressive weed

Eriobotrya japonica in loquat British & World English

The evergreen East Asian tree of the rose family which bears the loquat, cultivated both for its fruit and as an ornamental