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jaw British & World English

Each of the upper and lower bony structures in vertebrates forming the framework of the mouth and containing the teeth

jaw-jaw British & World English

Talking, especially lengthy and pointless discussion

pi-jaw British & World English

Tediously moralizing talk

crack-jaw British & World English

(Of a word) difficult to pronounce

glass jaw British & World English

A weak jaw that is easily broken, especially as an indication of a fighter’s vulnerability to an opponent’s punches

open-jaw British & World English

Denoting or relating to a trip in which an airline passenger flies in to one destination and returns from another

lumpy jaw British & World English

Infection of the jaw with actinomycete bacteria, common in cattle

phossy jaw British & World English

Gangrene of the jawbone caused by phosphorus poisoning

lantern jaw British & World English

A long, thin jaw and prominent chin

one's jaw drops in jaw British & World English

One feels or appears amazed or shocked

one's jaw drops British & World English

One feels or appears amazed or shocked

jawline British & World English

The contour of the lower edge of a person’s jaw

lockjaw British & World English

non-technical term for trismus.

jaw English Thesaurus

he sustained a broken jaw

jaw English-Spanish

jaw-dropping English-Spanish

para quedarse con la boca abierta, alucinante Espfamiliar/colloquial, abismante Andes

his jaw dropped in jaw English-Spanish

se quedó boquiabierto

to have a jaw in jaw English-Spanish

darle* a la sinhueso familiar/colloquial, cotorrear familiar/colloquial

the lower/upper jaw in jaw English-Spanish

el maxilar inferior/superior

we had a jaw about old times in jaw English-Spanish

estuvimos hablando de los viejos tiempos

her broken jaw made drinking difficult in drinking English-Spanish

le era muy difícil beber con la mandíbula rota