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jenny British & World English

A female donkey or ass

Lind, Jenny British & World English

(1820–87), Swedish soprano; born Johanna Maria Lind Goldschmidt. She was known as ‘the Swedish nightingale’ for the purity and agility of her voice

Shipley, Jenny British & World English

(B.1952), New Zealand National Party stateswoman, Prime Minister 1997-9; full name Jennifer Mary Shipley

creeping Jenny British & World English

A trailing evergreen European plant with round glossy leaves and yellow flowers, growing in damp places and by water

spinning jenny British & World English

A machine for spinning with more than one spindle at a time, patented by James Hargreaves in 1770

Jenny, pick up your toys — shan't! in shall English-Spanish

Jenny, recoge los juguetes — ¡no quiero!

I was getting signals from Jenny to be quiet in get English-Spanish

Jenny me estaba haciendo señas para que me callara

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