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jumper1 British & World English

A knitted garment typically with long sleeves, worn over the upper body

jumper2 British & World English

A person or animal that jumps

puddle jumper British & World English

A small light aeroplane which is fast and manoeuvrable and used for short trips

jumper cable British & World English

North American term for jump lead.

jumper wire in jumper2 British & World English

A short wire used to shorten an electric circuit or close it temporarily

jumper English-Spanish

jumper, pichi mEsp

jumper Spanish-English

jumper, pinafore dress

base jumper English-Spanish

paracaidista mfque salta desde una superficie fija

queue jumper English-Spanish

persona que se cuela

triple jumper English-Spanish

saltador, -dora m,f de triple salto