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junction British & World English

A point where two or more things are joined

junction English Thesaurus

the junction between the roof and the adjoining walls

T-junction British & World English

A junction in the shape of a ‘T’, in particular a road junction at which one road joins another at right angles without crossing it

box junction British & World English

A road area at a junction marked with a yellow grid, which a vehicle should enter only if its exit from it is clear

junction box British & World English

A box containing a junction of electric wires or cables

Grand Junction British & World English

A city in western Colorado, at the junction of the Colorado (formerly the Grand) and Gunnison rivers; population 49,688 (est. 2008)

p–n junction British & World English

A boundary between p-type and n-type material in a semiconductor device, functioning as a rectifier

tight junction British & World English

A specialized connection of two adjacent animal cell membranes such that the space usually lying between them is absent

Josephson junction British & World English

An electrical device in which two superconducting metals are separated by a thin layer of insulator, across which an electric current may flow in the absence of a potential difference. The current may be made to oscillate in proportion to an applied potential difference

spaghetti junction British & World English

A complex multi-level road junction (in the UK, applied typically to a major traffic interchange on the M6 near Birmingham)