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keen1 British & World English

Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm

keen2 British & World English

Wail in grief for a dead person

mad keen in mad British & World English

Extremely enthusiastic

mad keen British & World English

Extremely enthusiastic

keen-eyed British & World English

Extremely observant

peachy-keen British & World English

Attractive; outstanding

keen-witted British & World English

Quick to notice and understand things

keen on in keen1 British & World English

Interested in or attracted by (someone or something)

keen as mustard in keen1 British & World English

Extremely eager or enthusiastic

keen as mustard British & World English

Extremely eager or enthusiastic

overkeen British & World English

Excessively keen or enthusiastic

peachy-keen in peachy British & World English

Attractive; excellent

keen1 English Thesaurus

his publishers were keen to capitalize on his success

keen2 English Thesaurus

the bereaved gathered around the graves to keen

keen English-Spanish


keen in acute English Thesaurus

Emily had an acute ear for instrumental sounds

keen in avid English Thesaurus

an avid reader of science fiction

keen in eager English Thesaurus

small eager faces looked up and listened

keen in enthusiastic English Thesaurus

an enthusiastic supporter of Scottish rugby

keen in keen1 English Thesaurus

his publishers were keen to capitalize on his success

keen in penetrating English Thesaurus

a penetrating wind

peachy-keen English-Spanish

everything is peachy-keen

he's a keen moviegoer in moviegoer English-Spanish

va mucho al cine, es muy aficionado al cine

I'm keen on travel/golf in keen English-Spanish

me encanta viajar/el golf

a keen sense of smell in keen English-Spanish

un agudo sentido del olfato

he has a keen appetite in keen English-Spanish

tiene muy buen apetito

he's a keen theatergoer in theatergoer English-Spanish

es muy aficionado al teatro, va mucho al teatro

to be as keen as mustard in mustard English-Spanish

estar* lleno de entusiasmo

he's a keen tennis player in player English-Spanish

le gusta mucho jugar tenis

he was keen to start work in keen English-Spanish

tenía muchas ganas de empezar a trabajar

a keen/good sense of smell in smell English-Spanish

un fino/buen (sentido del) olfato

she wasn't keen to commit herself in keen English-Spanish

se mostró reacia a comprometerse, no quería comprometerse

they're keen on joining the club in keen English-Spanish

tienen muchas ganas de hacerse socios del club

I'm not too keen on their sister in keen English-Spanish

su hermana no me cae muy bien

a keen understanding of the problem in keen English-Spanish

una comprensión cabal del problema

keen observers of the political scene in keen English-Spanish

perspicaces observadores de la escena política

I'm not mad keen on the idea in mad English-Spanish

la idea no me vuelve loco

he didn't seem too keen on the idea in keen English-Spanish

no parecía gustarle mucho la idea, no parecía estar muy entusiasmado con la idea

she's terribly keen that he should take part in keen English-Spanish

tiene mucho interés en que él participe

we need somebody with a keen eye for detail in keen English-Spanish

necesitamos una persona observadora y detallista

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