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keyhole British & World English

A hole in a lock into which the key is inserted

keyhole saw British & World English

A saw with a long, narrow blade for cutting small holes such as keyholes

keyhole guard British & World English

A metal plate which covers a keyhole, or a bolt which is inserted into it, so as to block the view through the hole, prevent tampering with the lock, stop draughts, etc.

keyhole slit British & World English

A small slit resembling a keyhole.

Keyhole Nebula British & World English

(The name of) a small nebula in the southern sky surrounding the variable star η Carinae, with a dark central region shaped like a keyhole.

keyhole-shaped British & World English

Having the shape of a keyhole.

keyhole urchin British & World English

Any of various sand dollars having one or more elongated perforations in the test and belonging to the family Mellitidae or related families; especially one of the genus Mellita of the Atlantic coasts of America.

keyhole limpet British & World English

A limpet which has an aperture at the apex of the shell, sometimes extending to the margin

keyhole surgery British & World English

Minimally invasive surgery carried out through a very small incision, with special instruments and techniques including fibre optics

keyhole escutcheon British & World English

A plate of metal surrounding a keyhole which prevents the surface of the door, drawer, etc., in which it is set from being scratched or otherwise damaged by the key.

keyhole neckline British & World English

A neckline with a circle, oval, or slit cut into or near the front or back, giving a shape resembling a keyhole.