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kidney British & World English

Each of a pair of organs in the abdominal cavity of mammals, birds, and reptiles, that excrete urine

kidney bean British & World English

A kidney-shaped bean, especially a dark red one from a dwarf French bean plant

kidney dish British & World English

A kidney-shaped dish used as a receptacle in an operating theatre or doctor’s surgery

kidney ore British & World English

Haematite occurring in rounded, kidney-shaped masses

kidney worm British & World English

A parasitic nematode worm which infests the kidneys of mammals

kidney-shaped British & World English

Shaped like a kidney, with one side concave and the other convex and with rounded ends

kidney stone British & World English

A hard mass formed in the kidneys, typically consisting of insoluble calcium compounds; a renal calculus

kidney tubule British & World English

Each of the long, fine, convoluted tubules conveying urine from the glomeruli to the renal pelvis in the vertebrate kidney. Water and salts are reabsorbed into the blood along their length

kidney vetch British & World English

A yellow- or orange-flowered grassland plant of the pea family. Native to Europe and the Mediterranean, it is sometimes grown as a fodder crop

floating kidney British & World English

A condition in which the kidneys are abnormally movable

kidney machine British & World English

An apparatus that performs the functions of the human kidney (outside the body), when one or both organs are damaged; an artificial kidney or dialysis machine

artificial kidney British & World English

A machine or other mechanical device which performs the functions of the human kidney

kidney bean English-Spanish

frijolcon forma de riñón

kidney dish English-Spanish

riñonera fargot/slang, batea

kidney-shaped English-Spanish

que tiene forma de riñón

kidney dialysis in kidney English-Spanish

diálisis f (renal), hemodiálisis f

kidney machine in kidney English-Spanish

riñón m artificial

a blood/kidney donor in donor English-Spanish

un donante de sangre/riñón

he's had a heart/kidney transplant in transplant English-Spanish

le han hecho un trasplante de corazón/riñón

to be of the same/a different kidney in kidney English-Spanish

estar*/no estar* cortado por el mismo patrón