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kilo- British & World English

(Used commonly in units of measurement) denoting a factor of 1,000

kilo British & World English

A kilogram

kilo English-Spanish

kilo masculine

kilo- New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

factor of 1,000, or 1,024 in computing

kilo- English-Spanish


kilo- Spanish-English


sudar un kilo in kilo Spanish-English

to sweat blood, to work one's butt off, to slog one's guts out

at $25 per kilo in per English-Spanish

a 25 dólares el kilo

un pan de medio kilo in pan Spanish-English

a loaf of breadweighing half a kilo

to sell/buy sth by the meter/kilo in by English-Spanish

vender/comprar algo por metro(s)/kilo(s)

deme un kilo de peras in dar Spanish-English

can I have a kilo of pears?

quería un kilo de uvas in querer Spanish-English

I'd like a kilo of grapes

they're six dollars a kilo in a English-Spanish

están a seis dólares el kilo

¿cuántas entran en un kilo? in entrar Spanish-English

how many do you get in a kilo?

este pesa medio kilo más in más Spanish-English

this one weighs half a kilo more

lo venden a $500 el kilo in vender Spanish-English

they sell it at $500 a kilo, it sells for $500 a kilo

se vende por kilo/unidad in vender Spanish-English

it's sold by the kilo/unit

me costó un kilo/dos kilos in kilo Spanish-English

I paid a million/two million (euros) for it

something approaching half a kilo in approach English-Spanish

alrededor de medio kilo, casi medio kilo

lo venden a $80 el kilo/metro in el Spanish-English

they're selling it at $80 a kilo/a meter

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