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kin British & World English

One’s family and relations

-kin British & World English

Forming diminutive nouns such as bumpkin, catkin

kin English Thesaurus

mothers left their children with grandmothers or other kin

kin group British & World English

A group of people related by blood or marriage

kin selection British & World English

Natural selection in which an apparently disadvantageous characteristic (especially altruistic behaviour) increases in the population due to increased survival of individuals genetically related to those possessing the characteristic

next of kin British & World English

A person’s closest living relative or relatives

kissing cousin British & World English

A relative known well enough to be given a kiss in greeting

kith British & World English

One’s relations

next of kin in next English Thesaurus

in the case of childless couples, your next of kin are your parents