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knack British & World English

An acquired or natural skill at doing something

knick-knack British & World English

Small worthless objects, especially household ornaments

knack English Thesaurus

some people have a knack for making money

knack English-Spanish

there's a knack to making omelettes

knick-knack English Thesaurus

knick-knacks for the tourist trade

I'll never get the knack of this! in knack English-Spanish

¡nunca le voy a agarrar la onda

he has the knack of explaining things simply in knack English-Spanish

tiene el don de saber explicarse con sencillez

she has a knack of o for getting into trouble in knack English-Spanish

tiene una habilidad especial para meterse en líos

he has a o the knack of disappearing when he's needed in knack English-Spanish

siempre se las arregla para desaparecer cuando uno lo necesita

she has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly what I'm thinking in uncanny English-Spanish

es increíble cómo siempre sabe exactamente qué estoy pensando