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knee British & World English

The joint between the thigh and the lower leg in humans

knee bend British & World English

An act of bending the knee, especially as an exercise in which the body is raised and lowered without the use of the hands

knee boot British & World English

A boot that reaches to the knee

knee-deep British & World English

Of or at a depth or height to reach the knees

knee-high British & World English

So high as to reach the knees

knee-jerk British & World English

(Of a response) automatic and unthinking

knee-pan British & World English

old-fashioned term for kneecap.

thick-knee British & World English

another term for stone curlew.

knee action British & World English

A form of independent front-wheel suspension in a motor vehicle

knee-length British & World English

(Of footwear or an item of clothing) reaching the knees

knee breeches British & World English

Short trousers worn by men and fastened at or just below the knee

knee-slapper British & World English

An uproariously funny joke

knee-trembler British & World English

An act of sexual intercourse between people in a standing position

housemaid's knee British & World English

Inflammation of the fluid-filled cavity covering the kneecap (bursitis), often due to excessive kneeling

on bended knee in knee British & World English

Kneeling, especially when pleading or showing great respect

on bended knee British & World English

Kneeling, especially when pleading or showing great respect

Wounded Knee, Battle of British & World English

The last major confrontation (1890) between the US Army and American Indians, at the village of Wounded Knee on a reservation in South Dakota. More than 300 largely unarmed Sioux men, women, and children were massacred. A civil rights protest at the site in 1973 led to clashes with the authorities

kneecap British & World English

The convex bone in front of the knee joint; the patella

knee English-Spanish

rodilla f

knee-deep English-Spanish

the mud is knee-deep

knock-knee English-Spanish

genus valgo

knee breeches English-Spanish

calzones mpl

housemaid's knee English-Spanish

bursitis fde rodilla

knee-length socks in sock English-Spanish

calcetines largos, medias hasta la rodilla

knee-jerk reaction in knee jerk English-Spanish

acto m reflejo, reacción

ankle-/knee-deep in deep English-Spanish

hasta los tobillos/la rodilla

on bended knee(s) in knee English-Spanish

de rodillas, de hinojos literario/literary

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