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lacking British & World English

Not available or in short supply

lack British & World English

Be without or deficient in

lacking English Thesaurus

proof was lacking

lacking English-Spanish

the necessary resources are lacking

to be lacking in sth English-Spanish

no tener* algo, carecer*

she's totally lacking in drive in drive English-Spanish

no es nada emprendedora, no tiene nada de empuje

he is sadly lacking in tact in sadly English-Spanish

lamentablemente no tiene nada de tacto

the necessary resources are lacking in lacking English-Spanish

faltan los recursos necesarios, se carece de los recursos necesarios

he is completely lacking in tact in lacking English-Spanish

no tiene nada de tacto, carece del más mínimo tacto

what I found lacking in her article was … in lacking English-Spanish

lo que eché en falta en su artículo fue …

a sense of responsibility is sadly lacking among the staff in lacking English-Spanish

lamentablemente hay falta de responsabilidad entre el personal

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