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land British & World English

The part of the earth’s surface that is not covered by water

Land British & World English

A state of Germany or Austria

land English Thesaurus

Lyme Park has 1323 acres of land

Land New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

province of Germany or Austria

Land, Edwin British & World English

(1909–91), US inventor. He developed a new polarizing filter with wide use in optical instruments. He founded the Polaroid Corporation in 1937 and introduced the first Polaroid Land camera in 1947

land up British & World English

Reach a place or situation

dry land British & World English

Land as opposed to the sea or another body of water

Holy Land British & World English

A region on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, in what is now Israel and Palestine, revered by Christians as the place in which Christ lived and taught, by Jews as the land given to the people of Israel, and by Muslims

la-la land British & World English

Los Angeles or Hollywood, especially with regard to the film and television industry

Land Acts British & World English

A series of British parliamentary acts concerning land tenure in Ireland, passed in 1870, 1881, 1903, and 1909, intended to give tenants greater security and further rights

land bank British & World English

A large area of land held by a public or private organization for future development or disposal

land crab British & World English

A crab that lives in burrows inland and migrates in large numbers to the sea to breed

land girl British & World English

(In the UK) a woman doing farm work, especially during the Second World War

land law British & World English

The law governing real property

land mass British & World English

A continent or other large body of land

land tax British & World English

Tax levied on landed property

Adélie Land British & World English

A section of the Antarctic continent south of the 60th parallel, between Wilkes Land and King George V Land

Arnhem Land British & World English

A peninsula in Northern Territory, Australia, whose chief town is Nhulunbuy. In 1976 Arnhem Land was declared an Aboriginal reservation

Coats Land British & World English

A region of Antarctica, to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula

crash-land British & World English

(Of an aircraft) land roughly in an emergency, typically without lowering the undercarriage

Crown land British & World English

Land belonging to the British Crown

Graham Land British & World English

The northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula, the only part of Antarctica lying outside the Antarctic Circle. Discovered in 1831-2 by the English navigator John Biscoe (1794–1843), it now forms part of British Antarctic Territory, but is claimed also by Chile and Argentina

Great Land British & World English

Informal name for Alaska.

land agent British & World English

A person employed to manage an estate on behalf of its owners

land breeze British & World English

A breeze blowing towards the sea from the land

land bridge British & World English

A connection between two land masses, especially a prehistoric one that allowed humans and animals to colonize new territory before being cut off by the sea, as across the Bering Strait and the English Channel

land drain British & World English

A drain made of porous or perforated piping and placed in a gravel-filled trench, used for subsoil drainage

land grant British & World English

A grant of public land, especially to an institution or to American Indians

Land League British & World English

An Irish organization formed in 1879 to campaign for tenants' rights. Its techniques included the use of a boycott against anyone taking on a farm from which the tenant had been evicted. The Land Act of 1881 met many of the League’s demands

land mullet British & World English

A large burrowing lizard of the skink family, with shiny fishlike scales, native to the coastal regions of eastern Australia

land office British & World English

A government office recording dealings in public land

land pirate British & World English

A robber or highwayman

land reform British & World English

The statutory division of agricultural land and its reallocation to landless people

land yacht British & World English

A wind-powered wheeled vehicle with sails, used for recreation and sport

Peary Land British & World English

A mountainous region on the Arctic coast of northern Greenland

white land British & World English

Open land not designated for development or change of use, or on which development is not allowed

Wilkes Land British & World English

A region of Antarctica with a coast on the Indian Ocean. It is claimed by Australia

Arnhem Land New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

Aboriginal reservation in Northern Territory, Australia

Enderby Land British & World English

A part of Antarctica claimed by Australia

fantasy land British & World English

A place that is unreal or imaginary or that excites wonder

grazing land British & World English

Grassland suitable for pasturage

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