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landlord British & World English

A man (in legal use also a woman) who rents out land, a building, or accommodation

absentee landlord British & World English

A landlord who does not live at and rarely visits the property they let

landlord English Thesaurus

the landlord of the pub

landlord English-Spanish

terrateniente masculine, hacendado masculine

slum landlord English-Spanish

propietario de viviendas en los barrios bajos

absentee landlord English-Spanish

propietario, -riamasculine, feminine ausentista orSpain/España absentista

my landlord in landlord English-Spanish

mi casero, el dueño de mi casa (

the judge ordered the tenants to make reparations to the landlord in reparation English-Spanish

el juez ordenó a los inquilinos que indemnizaran al propietario