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lateral British & World English

Of, at, towards, or from the side or sides

lateral English Thesaurus

lateral movements

lateral cut British & World English

Designating gramophone records in which the undulations are cut by the side-to-side movement of the recording stylus, or equipment and techniques using this method; opposed to hill and dale.

lateral judge British & World English

An assistant judge; = assessor.

lateral pass British & World English

A side or backward pass to a teammate.

lateral plate British & World English

The thickened lateral part of the mesoderm in a vertebrate embryo.

lateral raise British & World English

An exercise in which a weight is raised from the side to a position no higher than the shoulder.

lateral root British & World English

(In a plant) a root branching off from a larger root.

lateral tooth British & World English

Chiefly Zoology a tooth situated at or on the side of a structure or object.

lateral line British & World English

A visible line along the side of a fish consisting of a series of sense organs which detect pressure and vibration

lateral branch British & World English

(With reference to a family) a branch descended from a brother or sister of a person in the direct line of descent.

lateral control British & World English

Control of side-to-side or sideways movement; (Aeronautics) control of the movement of an aircraft about its long axis or its vertical axis (in roll and in yaw respectively); a control for achieving this, such as an aileron.

lateral moraine British & World English

A moraine deposit along the side of a glacier.

lateral stress British & World English

Stress exerted horizontally or at right angles to a length (as of a beam or a shaft).

lateral lithotomy British & World English

Lithotomy performed with an initial incision on one side of the perineum; an instance of this.

lateral malleolus British & World English

A rounded process on the lateral side of the distal end of the fibula, forming the prominence of the outer aspect of the ankle; contrasted with medial malleolus.

lateral meristem British & World English

A meristem located parallel to the sides of a stem or root, responsible for the thickening of the stem or root by the addition of secondary growth.

lateral pressure British & World English

Pressure exerted horizontally or at right angles to a length (as in a beam or a bridge).

lateral strength British & World English

Strength to resist lateral forces.

lateral thinking British & World English

The solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light

lateral ventricle British & World English

Each of the first and second ventricles in the centre of each cerebral hemisphere of the brain

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis British & World English

A form of motor neurone disease