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lemon British & World English

A pale yellow oval citrus fruit with thick skin and fragrant, acidic juice

sea lemon British & World English

A yellowish sea slug

lemon curd British & World English

A thick conserve made from lemons, butter, eggs, and sugar

lemon drop British & World English

A yellow, lemon-flavoured boiled sweet

lemon sole British & World English

A common European flatfish of the plaice family. It is an important food fish

lemon thyme British & World English

Thyme of a hybrid variety having lemon-scented leaves

bitter lemon British & World English

A carbonated semi-sweet soft drink flavoured with lemons

lemon verbena British & World English

A South American shrub of the verbena family, with lemon-scented leaves that are used as flavouring and to make a sedative tea

preserved lemon British & World English

Lemons or lemon slices preserved in salt and lemon juice, used as an ingredient in Moroccan cooking

lemon geranium British & World English

A pelargonium that contains aromatic oil that smells of lemon

lemon-squeezer British & World English

A small kitchen device for extracting the juice from lemons

lemon tree in lemon British & World English

The evergreen citrus tree which produces lemons, widely cultivated in warm climates

lemon cheese in lemon curd British & World English

A thick conserve made from lemons, butter, eggs, and sugar

lemongrass British & World English

A fragrant tropical grass which yields an oil that smells of lemon. It is widely used in Asian cooking and in perfumery and medicine

lemon in balm British & World English

A bushy herb of the mint family, with leaves smelling and tasting of lemon

lemon English-Spanish

limón masculine, limón masculine francés Mexico/MéxicoVenezuela

lemon balm English-Spanish

melisa feminine, toronjil masculine

lemon curd English-Spanish

cremaen conserva

lemon sole English-Spanish

tipo de platija similar al lenguado

bitter lemon English-Spanish

bitter lemonbebida efervescente semidulce con sabor a limón

lemon verbena English-Spanish

(hierba, cedrón masculine

lemon yellow English-Spanish

amarillo limón invariable adjective/adjetivo invariable

lemon crush in crush English-Spanish

limonada feminine

lemon (tree) in lemon English-Spanish

limonero masculine

lemon squeezer in lemon English-Spanish

exprimidor masculine (de limones), exprimelimones masculine

a twist of lemon in twist English-Spanish

una rodajita de limónretorcida

add the grated zest of one lemon in zest English-Spanish

agregue la ralladura de un limón

don't just stand there like a lemon! in lemon English-Spanish

¡no te quedes ahí como un idiota!

she's mad about lemon ice-cream/about o on African music in mad English-Spanish

el helado de limón/la música africana la vuelve loca, le encanta