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links British & World English

A golf course, especially one on grass-covered sandy ground near the sea

link1 British & World English

A relationship between two things or situations, especially where one affects the other

link2 British & World English

A torch of pitch and tow for lighting the way in dark streets

delink British & World English

Break the connection between (something) and something else

relink British & World English

Connect or join again

die link British & World English

An established connection between coins struck from the same die

hotlink British & World English

A connection between documents or applications which enables material from one source to be incorporated into another, in particular a facility which automatically updates material in a document when an alteration is made to the document from which it originated

weblink British & World English

A printed address of a website in a book, newspaper, etc.

cross link British & World English

A chemical bond between different chains of atoms in a polymer or other complex molecule

cross-link in cross link British & World English

Make or become linked with a cross link

cufflink British & World English

A device for fastening together the sides of a shirt cuff, typically a pair of linked studs or a single plate connected to a short swivelling rod, passed through a hole in each side of the cuff

data link British & World English

A telecommunications link over which data is transmitted

null link British & World English

A reference incorporated into the last item in a list to indicate there are no further items in the list

snap hook British & World English

A hook with a spring allowing the entrance but preventing the escape of a cord, link, etc.

video link British & World English

An electronic facility that enables audiovisual communication between people in different locations

missing link British & World English

A thing that is needed in order to complete a series, provide continuity, or gain complete knowledge