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liquid British & World English

A substance that flows freely but is of constant volume, having a consistency like that of water or oil

semi-liquid British & World English

another term for semi-fluid.

liquid lunch British & World English

A drinking session at lunchtime taking the place of a meal

liquid crystal British & World English

A substance which flows like a liquid but has some degree of ordering in the arrangement of its molecules

liquid measure British & World English

A unit for measuring the volume of liquids

liquid paraffin British & World English

A colourless, odourless oily liquid consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum, used as a laxative

liquid refreshment British & World English

Something to drink, especially alcohol

liquid crystal display British & World English

A form of visual display used in electronic devices, in which a layer of a liquid crystal is sandwiched between two transparent electrodes

gas–liquid chromatography British & World English

Chromatography employing a gas as the moving carrier medium and a liquid as the stationary medium

liquid storax in storax British & World English

A liquid balsam obtained from the Asian liquidambar tree

liquid English Thesaurus

liquid fuels

liquid English-Spanish

líquido m

liquid in fluid English Thesaurus

he designed instruments to measure the flow of fluids

dish liquid English-Spanish

lavavajillas m, detergente m

liquid crystal display English-Spanish

pantalla f de cristal líquido

liquid soap in soap English-Spanish

jabón líquido

liquid paraffin in liquid English-Spanish

parafina f líquida, aceite m de parafina

liquid/dry measure in measure English-Spanish

medida para líquidos/áridos

liquid/solid state in state English-Spanish

estado líquido/sólido

washing-up liquid in washing-up English-Spanish

lavavajillas m, detergente m

we had a liquid lunch in liquid English-Spanish

en vez de comer nos tomamos unas copas

the liquid passes down the tube in pass English-Spanish

el líquido baja por el tubo

when the liquid is down to half its volume in down English-Spanish

cuando el líquido se haya reducido a la mitad de su volumen

they siphon the liquid out of the barrel into the bottles in siphon English-Spanish

usan un sifón para trasvasar el líquido del barril a las botellas

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