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liquid British & World English

A substance that flows freely but is of constant volume, having a consistency like that of water or oil

liquid English Thesaurus

liquid fuels

liquid in fluid English Thesaurus

he designed instruments to measure the flow of fluids

gas–liquid British & World English

Of or relating to both gas and liquid; especially designating a form of chromatography in which the moving carrier phase is a gas and the stationary phase is a liquid.

liquid diet British & World English

A diet consisting of foods in liquid form, sometimes prescribed for medical reasons

liquid soap British & World English

Soap in liquid form

semi-liquid British & World English

Another term for semi-fluid.

liquid smoke British & World English

A type of artificial flavouring used to give food a smoky taste.

noble liquid British & World English

A liquefied noble gas.

liquid lunch British & World English

A drinking session at lunchtime taking the place of a meal

Liquid Paper British & World English

A type of correction fluid

quantum liquid British & World English

A liquid that exhibits quantum effects on the macroscopic scale.

liquid crystal British & World English

A substance which flows like a liquid but has some degree of ordering in the arrangement of its molecules

liquid measure British & World English

A unit for measuring the volume of liquids

liquid paraffin British & World English

A colourless, odourless oily liquid consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum, used as a laxative

liquid refreshment British & World English

Something to drink, especially alcohol

natural gas liquid British & World English

Any of various gaseous hydrocarbons occurring in natural gas that are readily liquefied by compression for transport or storage (such as propane and butane); (also) a volatile liquid hydrocarbon present in natural gas and obtained from it during extraction or processing.

liquid crystal display British & World English

A form of visual display used in electronic devices, in which a layer of a liquid crystal is sandwiched between two transparent electrodes

gas–liquid chromatography British & World English

Chromatography employing a gas as the moving carrier medium and a liquid as the stationary medium

liquid storax in storax British & World English

A liquid balsam obtained from the Asian liquidambar tree