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Loch Ness British & World English

A deep lake in NW Scotland, in the Great Glen. Forming part of the Caledonian Canal, it is 38 km (24 miles) long, with a maximum depth of 230 m (755 ft)

Lomond, Loch British & World English

A lake in west central Scotland, to the north-west of Glasgow. It is the largest freshwater lake in Scotland

Morar, Loch British & World English

A loch in western Scotland. At 310 m (1,017 ft), it is Scotland’s deepest loch

Loch Ness monster British & World English

A large creature alleged to live in the deep waters of Loch Ness. Reports of its existence date from the time of St Columba (6th century); despite recent scientific expeditions, there is still no proof of its existence

sea loch in loch British & World English

An arm of the sea, especially when narrow or partially landlocked