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magazine British & World English

A periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, often on a particular subject or aimed at a particular readership

house magazine British & World English

A magazine published by a company to be read by its employees and dealing mainly with its own activities

newsmagazine British & World English

A periodical, usually published weekly, that reports and comments on current events

magazine programme in magazine British & World English

A regular television or radio programme comprising a variety of topical items

magazine English Thesaurus

she leafed through the magazines

magazine English-Spanish

revista f

magazine Spanish-English

magazine program, magazine

glossy (magazine) in glossy English-Spanish

revistaimpresa en papel satinado

listings magazine in listing English-Spanish

guía, guía f del ocioen Esp

slimming magazine in slimming English-Spanish

revista con consejos dietéticos, ejercicios para adelgazar etc

a magazine of some standing in standing English-Spanish

una revista de cierto prestigio

this magazine is a real winner in winner English-Spanish

esta revista es todo un éxito

she tucked the magazine under her arm in tuck English-Spanish

se colocó la revista debajo del brazo

I saw it advertised on TV/in a magazine in advertise English-Spanish

lo vi anunciado en la tele/en una revista

she sat turning the pages of a magazine in turn English-Spanish

estaba sentada hojeando una revista

she was browsing through the records/a magazine in browse English-Spanish

estaba echando un vistazo a los discos/hojeando una revista

the magazine runs an occasional feature on cookery in occasional English-Spanish

de vez en cuando aparece en la revista un artículo de cocina

our magazine gives you all the facts and figures on sport in fact English-Spanish

en nuestra revista encontrará la información deportiva más completa

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