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magnet British & World English

A piece of iron or other material which has its component atoms so ordered that the material exhibits properties of magnetism, such as attracting other iron-containing objects or aligning itself in an external magnetic field

babe magnet British & World English

A man who is very attractive to women

magnet school British & World English

A school designed to attract pupils from various areas or groups, especially one offering specialist tuition in a particular subject alongside the standard curriculum

permanent magnet British & World English

A magnet that retains its magnetic properties in the absence of an inducing field or current

transverse magnet British & World English

A magnet with poles at the sides and not the ends

electromagnet British & World English

A soft metal core made into a magnet by the passage of electric current through a coil surrounding it

magnet English Thesaurus

the principle of magnets repelling each other

magnet English-Spanish

imán masculine

babe magnet English-Spanish

tipo, tío

magnet school English-Spanish

escuela financiada con fondos públicos concebida para atraer alumnos de diferentes áreas y grupos demográficos por sus mejores instalaciones y cursos

to be a magnet for sth/sb English-Spanish

atraer* como un imán a algo/algn