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manager British & World English

A person responsible for controlling or administering an organization or group of staff

actor-manager British & World English

A person who is both manager and actor in a theatre company

bank manager British & World English

A person in charge of a local branch of a bank

city manager British & World English

(In some cities) an official directing the administration of a city

fund manager British & World English

An employee of a large institution (such as a pension fund or an insurance company) who manages the investment of money on its behalf

floor manager British & World English

The stage manager of a television production

line manager British & World English

A person with direct managerial responsibility for a particular employee

road manager British & World English

The organizer and supervisor of a musicians' tour

player-manager British & World English

A person who both plays in a sports team and manages it

project manager British & World English

The person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project

personal information manager British & World English

A computer program functioning as an address book, organizer, diary, etc.

undermanager British & World English

A manager who is subordinate to another manager

manager English Thesaurus

the works manager

manager English-Spanish

director,, gerente mf

manager Spanish-English


bar manager English-Spanish

gerente mf, de bar

actor-manager English-Spanish

actor-director, actriz-directora

area manager English-Spanish

jefe, -fa m,f de área, jefe, -fa m,f de zona

bank manager English-Spanish

gerente mf de banco, director, -tora m,f de banco

fund manager English-Spanish

gestor, -tora m,f de fondos, administrador, -dora m,f de fondos

line manager English-Spanish

gerente, jefe, -fa m,f de línea

stage manager English-Spanish

director, -tora m,f de escena

account manager English-Spanish

gerente, director, gestor

player-manager English-Spanish

jugador-entrenador,, director técnico y jugador,

business manager English-Spanish

director, -tora m,f comercial, gerente mf comercial

portfolio manager English-Spanish

gestor de cartera, gestora de cartera

promotions manager English-Spanish

jefe, -fa m,for director, -tora m,f de promoción

multi-manager fund English-Spanish

fondo m de fondos

city manager in city English-Spanish

funcionario encargado de la administración de una ciudad

risk manager in risk English-Spanish

gestor, -tora m,for gerente mf de riesgos

road manager in road English-Spanish

organizador, -dora m,f de una gira

export manager in export English-Spanish

director, -tora m,f de exportación, gerente

hotel manager in hotel English-Spanish

director, -toram,for gerente mf de hotel

branch manager in manager English-Spanish

director, -tora m,f de sucursal

product manager in product English-Spanish

gerente, product manager

project manager in project English-Spanish

director, -tora m,f de proyecto

trainee manager in trainee English-Spanish

empleado que está haciendo prácticas de gerencia

assistant manager in assistant English-Spanish

subdirector,, director adjunto,

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