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mastic British & World English

An aromatic gum or resin which exudes from the bark of a Mediterranean tree, used in making varnish and chewing gum and as a flavouring

mastic tree in mastic British & World English

The bushy evergreen Mediterranean tree which yields mastic and has aromatic leaves and fruit, closely related to the pistachio

false mastic British & World English

A tall tree of Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America, Sideroxylon foetidissimum (family Sapotaceae), which yields a hard wood suitable for construction and furniture and bears yellow flowers with a cheesy smell; also called mastic, mastic-bully.

mastic asphalt British & World English

A dense mixture of bitumen and powdered limestone, often containing gravel or stone chips, used for surfacing footpaths and roofs.

Peruvian mastic British & World English

The California pepper tree, Schinus molle.

American mastic in mastic British & World English

Used in names of trees that are similar or related to the mastic tree, e.g. American mastic