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measles British & World English

An infectious viral disease causing fever and a red rash, typically occurring in childhood

German measles British & World English

A contagious viral disease, with symptoms like mild measles. It can cause fetal malformation if caught in early pregnancy

measles English-Spanish

sarampión masculine

hard measles English-Spanish

→ measles 1

German measles English-Spanish

rubéola feminine, rubeola feminine

he's in bed with measles in bed English-Spanish

está en cama con sarampión

is she over her measles yet? in over English-Spanish

¿ya se ha repuesto del sarampión?

I've had measles, so I'm immune in immune English-Spanish

ya he tenido el sarampión, así que estoy inmunizado

I think she's sickening for measles in sicken English-Spanish

creo que está incubando el sarampión