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menu British & World English

A list of dishes available in a restaurant

menu card British & World English

The card on which a menu is written or printed.

menu bar British & World English

A horizontal bar, typically located at the top of the screen below the title bar, containing drop-down menus

menu item British & World English

An individual dish or other item for selection from a menu in a cafe or restaurant

set menu British & World English

A limited menu offered for a set number of courses, at a fixed price

menu French British & World English

Basic French of the kind used on restaurant menus; a knowledge of French to this level.

menu-driven British & World English

(Of a program or computer) used by making selections from menus

menu pricing British & World English

(Especially in the motor vehicle business) a system whereby repairs and services are offered at a fixed price, rather than the cost being subject to estimate.

tasting menu British & World English

A type of meal offered in certain restaurants, consisting of sample portions of many different dishes served in several courses for a set price

children's menu British & World English

A menu designed for children; especially one in a restaurant or cafe, offering a different choice of food, smaller portions, etc.

menu gastronomique British & World English

A set menu in a restaurant, offering gourmet food which is more expensive than the normal available fare.

submenu British & World English

A menu accessed from a more general menu