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merit British & World English

The quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward

merit good British & World English

A commodity or service, such as education, that is regarded by society or government as deserving public finance

Merit, Order of British & World English

See Order of Merit.

Order of Merit British & World English

(In the UK) an order founded in 1902, for distinguished achievement, with membership limited to twenty-four people

figure of merit British & World English

A numerical expression taken as representing the performance or efficiency of a given device, material, or procedure

Legion of Merit British & World English

A US military decoration, ranking below the Silver Star and above the Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded for exceptional performance of services to the US

merit English Thesaurus

composers of outstanding merit

merit English-Spanish

mérito masculine

merit in deserve English Thesaurus

everyone involved with this book deserves the greatest praise

merit in earn English Thesaurus

they earn £20,000 per year

merit in merit English Thesaurus

composers of outstanding merit

merit system in merit English-Spanish

sistema de ascensos por méritos

a man of merit in merit English-Spanish

un hombre de mérito

to pass with merit in merit English-Spanish

aprobar* con mención especial

a work of artistic merit in merit English-Spanish

una obra de mérito artístico

he was chosen purely on merit in merit English-Spanish

lo eligieron exclusivamente por sus méritos

they were not chosen simply on merit in simply English-Spanish

no se los eligió solo por sus méritos

there is no o isn't any merit in prolonging the dispute in merit English-Spanish

no tiene ningún sentido prolongar el conflicto

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