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meta- British & World English

Denoting a change of position or condition

meta British & World English

short for meta key.

meta-acid British & World English

The least hydrated of a series of oxoacids formed from the same anhydride.

meta-talk British & World English

Originally: any higher-order discussion about language. Now usually: hidden meanings or significance in a conversation, etc.

meta-text British & World English

A text lying outside another text, especially one describing or elucidating another.

meta-word British & World English

Originally (Linguistics): a word which describes, classifies, or refers to another word. Also (in extended use) (Computing): a word which has significance within a given context beyond its usual meaning, e.g. one which is part of a programming or query language.

meta key British & World English

A key on some keyboards which activates a particular function when held down simultaneously with another key

meta-ethics British & World English

The branch of knowledge that deals with the foundations of ethics, especially with the nature of ethical statements.

Meta River British & World English

A river that flows northeast for 650 miles (1,050 km) from central Colombia into the Orinoco River and that forms part of the Colombia-Venezuela boundary

meta-analysis British & World English

Philosophy. Analysis of the grounds and assumptions on which a theory, explanation, or account is based; an instance of this.

meta-analyst British & World English

A person who carries out meta-analyses.

meta-analytic British & World English

Mathematics. Designating a function of three real variables, whose partial derivatives with respect to these variables satisfy certain conditions, resulting in the function having properties analogous to those of an analytic function of one complex variable. Compare analytic rare.

meta-compound British & World English

The meta isomer of a series of disubstituted benzene derivatives.

meta-ethical British & World English

Of or relating to meta-ethics.

meta-historic British & World English

Lying beyond the scope of historical narrative or inquiry; = meta-historical.

meta-history British & World English

Enquiry into the principles governing historical events; the study of the philosophy of history, or of historiography; specifically the study of the structure of historical narrative.

meta-literary British & World English

Of or relating to metaliterature; concerned with or characteristic of metaliterature. Also: above or beyond the boundaries of any one literature; specifically designating themes, stories, etc., which are widespread in all literatures.

meta-universe British & World English

A ‘universe of universes’; an assembly of universes, considered as a whole; that which contains or consists of many (potential or actual) separate universes.

meta-antimonate British & World English

A salt of metantimonic acid; a salt containing the anion SbO3 −.

meta-historical British & World English

Lying beyond the scope of historical narrative or inquiry; transcending history.

meta-information British & World English

Information about information, especially information used to order or locate other information; (specifically on the Internet) the mark-up information on a web page, etc.

meta-metalanguage British & World English

A language used to describe a metalanguage.

metarule British & World English

A rule governing the content, form, or application of other rules

metadata British & World English

A set of data that describes and gives information about other data

metabelian British & World English

Of a group or a Lie algebra: expressible as an extension of one abelian group or Lie algebra by another abelian group or Lie algebra; having the property that its commutator subgroup or subalgebra is abelian.

metafiction British & World English

Fiction in which the author self-consciously alludes to the artificiality or literariness of a work by parodying or departing from novelistic conventions and traditional narrative techniques

metamessage British & World English

An underlying meaning or subtext

metalanguage British & World English

A form of language or set of terms used for the description or analysis of another language

metamaterial British & World English

A synthetic composite material with a structure such that it exhibits properties not usually found in natural materials, especially a negative refractive index

metempirical British & World English

Relating to matters beyond the range of empirical knowledge, metaphysical; (occasionally) affirming the validity of concepts or beliefs not based on experience.

metacognition British & World English

Awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes

metamathematics British & World English

The field of study that deals with the structure and formal properties of mathematics and similar formal systems

metanarrative British & World English

A narrative account that experiments with or explores the idea of storytelling, often by drawing attention to its own artificiality