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metallic British & World English

Relating to or resembling metal or metals

metalik British & World English

(An informal name for) any of a number of former low-grade silver Turkish coins, especially the para and the piastre.

metallic English Thesaurus

a metallic sound

metallic bond British & World English

The type of bond occurring in metals, in which the valence electrons are not localized as in covalent bonds but are capable of interacting with an indefinite number of the metal nuclei, which are arranged in a lattice formation.

metallic-line British & World English

Designating a main-sequence star whose spectrum shows unusually strong absorption lines for many of the heavier elements, including rare earths.

metallic soap British & World English

Any of a class of soaps that have a heavy metal or alkaline earth metal in place of the alkali metal in ordinary soaps, are soluble in organic solvents but not in water, and are used in waterproofing, finishing textiles, and making antioxidants, lubricants, and fungicides.

metallic glass British & World English

A metal or alloy with an appearance or (now) specifically amorphous structure like that of silicate glass.

metallic lustre British & World English

The sheen characteristic of (especially polished) metals and certain opaque minerals.

metallic paint British & World English

(Originally) paint containing a metal oxide; (later) any paint with a metallic lustre.

metallic thread British & World English

Thread made from metal, or a synthetic material resembling metal.

metallic bonding British & World English

The type of bonding occurring in metals: see metallic bond.

metallic circuit British & World English

A telegraphic circuit in which the return path of the current is through a metal conductor (e.g. a wire) rather than through the earth.

metallic history British & World English

The history of the medals or coins struck in the reign of a monarch, emperor, etc.

bimetallic British & World English

Made of two metals

organometallic British & World English

(Of a compound) containing a metal atom bonded to an organic group or groups