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meteor British & World English

A small body of matter from outer space that enters the earth’s atmosphere, becoming incandescent as a result of friction and appearing as a streak of light

meteor dust British & World English

Fine meteoroid particles in interplanetary space.

meteor bumper British & World English

A structure on the outside of a spacecraft that serves to protect it from the impacts of meteoroids.

meteor cloud British & World English

A region of interplanetary space with a high density of meteoroids.

meteor storm British & World English

A particularly intense meteor shower, especially occurring when the earth intercepts a meteor stream soon after the originating comet has passed.

meteor stream British & World English

Astronomy a group of meteoroids moving together in the same orbit, forming an elongated swarm along the path of the originating comet.

meteor trail British & World English

A bright streak of ionized gas formed by a meteor passing through the upper atmosphere, which can provide a reflector for radio communication.

meteor shower British & World English

A number of meteors that appear to radiate from one point in the sky at a particular date each year, due to the earth regularly passing through them at that position in its orbit

meteor spectrum British & World English

The spectrum produced by the light from a meteor.

meteor spectrograph British & World English

An instrument for recording the spectra of meteors.

meteor spectroscopy British & World English

The observation and study of meteor spectra.