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mineral British & World English

A solid, naturally occurring inorganic substance

clay mineral British & World English

Any of a group of minerals which occur as colloidal crystals in clay. They are all hydrated aluminosilicates having layered crystal structures

mineral water British & World English

Water occurring in nature with some dissolved salts present, often bottled and sold as drinking water

mineral wool British & World English

A substance resembling matted wool and made from inorganic mineral material, used chiefly for packing or insulation

trace mineral British & World English

A trace element required for nutrition

mineral spirits British & World English

North American term for white spirit.

accessory mineral British & World English

A constituent mineral present in small quantity and not taken into account in identifying a rock

conflict mineral British & World English

(Especially in Africa) a mineral mined in an area of armed conflict and traded illicitly to finance the fighting