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mirror British & World English

A surface, typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, which reflects a clear image

mirror carp British & World English

A common carp of an ornamental variety that has a row of large shiny plate-like scales along each side

mirror-like British & World English

(Of a surface or material) reflecting an image like a mirror

wing mirror British & World English

A rear-view mirror projecting from the side of a motor vehicle

mirror finish British & World English

A very smooth reflective finish produced on the surface of a metal

mirror glass British & World English

Glass with a reflective metallic coating, as used for mirrors

mirror image British & World English

An image or object which is identical in form to another, but with the structure reversed, as in a mirror

vanity mirror British & World English

A small mirror used for applying make-up, especially one fitted in a motor vehicle

mirror symmetry British & World English

Symmetry about a plane, like that between an object and its reflection

mirror writing British & World English

Reversed writing resembling ordinary writing reflected in a mirror

two-way mirror British & World English

A panel of glass that can be seen through from one side and is a mirror on the other

rear-view mirror British & World English

A small angled mirror fixed inside the windscreen of a motor vehicle enabling the driver to see the vehicle or road behind

mirror site in mirror British & World English

A site on a network which stores the contents copied from another site

mirrorball British & World English

A revolving ball covered with small mirrored facets, used to provide lighting effects at discos or dances

cheval glass British & World English

A tall mirror fitted at its middle to an upright frame so that it can be tilted

cheval mirror in cheval glass British & World English

A tall mirror fitted at its middle to an upright frame so that it can be tilted

mirror English Thesaurus

a quick look in the mirror

mirror English-Spanish

espejo m

mirror image English-Spanish

imagen f especular

side-view mirror English-Spanish

espejo m lateral, retrovisor

two-way mirror in two-way English-Spanish

cristal que funciona como espejo por un lado y como ventana por el otro

adjust the mirror in adjust English-Spanish

ajuste el retrovisor

she wiped the mirror clean in wipe English-Spanish

limpió el espejo (con un trapo)

I bought this mirror for $50 in buy English-Spanish

compré este espejo por 50 dólares

a true mirror of public opinion in mirror English-Spanish

un verdadero reflejo de la opinión pública

it's bad luck to break a mirror in luck English-Spanish

romper un espejo trae mala suerte

her face was reflected in the mirror in reflect English-Spanish

su cara se reflejaba en el espejo

the child smeared paint all over the mirror in smear English-Spanish

el niño embadurnó todo el espejo de pintura

the mirror gives the room a sense of space in sense English-Spanish

el espejo le da una sensación de espacio

the mirror is fitted so as to be flush with the wall in flush English-Spanish

el espejo está empotrado para que no sobresalga de la pared

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