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mist British & World English

A cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth’s surface that limits visibility (to a lesser extent than fog; strictly, with visibility remaining above 1 km)

mist English Thesaurus

the mist was clearing and the sun began to peep through

red mist British & World English

Used in reference to a fit of extreme anger that temporarily clouds a person’s judgement

Scotch mist British & World English

A thick drizzly mist of a kind common in the Scottish Highlands

love-in-a-mist British & World English

A Mediterranean plant of the buttercup family, which bears blue flowers surrounded by delicate thread-like green bracts, giving a hazy appearance to the flowers

demist British & World English

Clear condensation from (a vehicle’s windscreen)

mist over/up in mist English Thesaurus

her glasses were misting up

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