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mobility British & World English

The ability to move or be moved freely and easily

mobility English Thesaurus

elderly people may become socially isolated as a result of restricted mobility

air mobility British & World English

Capacity for or facility of movement by aircraft; specifically the ability to move ground troops by air.

job mobility British & World English

Movement from job to job or between sectors of the labour market; the extent to which this is possible.

mobility allowance British & World English

A state benefit paid to disabled people to assist them in travelling for regular medical attention or other purposes

mobility scooter British & World English

An electrically powered scooter designed for people with restricted mobility, typically those who are elderly or disabled

popmobility British & World English

A programme of choreographed exercise routines performed to the accompaniment of pop music.

product of inertia British & World English

(Of a body or system of bodies with respect to two given planes at right angles to each other or to the two axes perpendicular to such planes) the sum of the products formed by multiplying the mass of each element by the product of its distances from the two given planes.