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mogul1 British & World English

An important or powerful person, especially in the film or media industry

mogul2 British & World English

A bump on a ski slope formed by skiers turning

Mogul British & World English

A member of the Muslim dynasty of Mongol origin founded by the successors of Tamerlane, which ruled much of India from the 16th to the 19th century

Mogul in mogul1 British & World English

A steam locomotive of 2-6-0 wheel arrangement

the Great Mogul in Mogul British & World English

The Mogul emperor of Delhi

Mogul New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

member of an Indian ruling dynasty, 16th–19th cents

mogul New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

important or influential person

mogul English Thesaurus

Hollywood movie moguls

Mogul English-Spanish

mogol masculine