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molecular British & World English

Relating to or consisting of molecules

low-molecular British & World English

Having a low molecular weight.

molecular beam British & World English

A narrow directed beam of molecules, ions, or atoms.

molecular heat British & World English

The heat required to raise the temperature of one gram-molecule of a compound by one degree; the product of the molecular weight of a compound and its specific heat.

molecular layer British & World English

A layer of molecules.

molecular wire British & World English

A polymer molecule that conducts electricity along its length, usually as a result of having a conjugated chain and delocalized electrons.

molecular clock British & World English

The average rate at which a species' genome accumulates mutations, used to measure their evolutionary divergence and in other calculations

molecular sieve British & World English

A crystalline substance (especially a zeolite) with pores of molecular dimensions which permit the passage of molecules below a certain size

molecular fossil British & World English

A molecule whose presence in ancient rocks is regarded as evidence of the existence or early development of life; (in extended use) a molecule regarded as representing a feature of an earlier stage in development or evolution.

molecular machine British & World English

A complex molecule which carries out a specific physical or chemical task, especially one involving the spatial manipulation of atoms.

molecular orbital British & World English

An electronic orbital in a molecule.

molecular rotation British & World English

Rotation of a molecule or part of a molecule.

molecular biology British & World English

The branch of biology that deals with the structure and function of the macromolecules (e.g. proteins and nucleic acids) essential to life

molecular formula British & World English

A formula giving the number of atoms of each of the elements present in one molecule of a specific compound

molecular weight British & World English

Another term for relative molecular mass.

molecular biological British & World English

Of or relating to molecular biology.

molecular biologist British & World English

A person engaged in or expert in molecular biology.

molecular electronics British & World English

A branch of electronics in which individual molecules perform the same function as microelectronic devices such as diodes

molecular gastronomy British & World English

The application of scientific principles to the understanding and development of food preparation

gram-molecular weight British & World English

The quantity of a chemical compound equal to its molecular weight in grams; now usually replaced by the mole. Also called gram molecule

molecular beam epitaxy British & World English

A technique used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices in which a molecular beam is used to deposit a very thin or monomolecular layer of a substance on to a crystalline substrate; abbreviated MBE.

relative molecular mass British & World English

The ratio of the average mass of one molecule of an element or compound to one twelfth of the mass of an atom of carbon-12